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Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use
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Evidence-Informed Practice

What is Evidence-Informed Practice?

Evidence-informed practice, sometimes called evidence-based practice, is a client-centred approach to clinical decision making. It’s a way to solve problems by integrating the best available research evidence with the clinician’s experience, the client’s preferences and values, and the organizational and cultural context.1,2,3,4,5

Evidence-informed practice helps clinicians be more effective, efficient, and accountable, while achieving better outcomes for clients.2

Given the importance of their work, clinicians are expected and seek to ensure that their approach to client screening, assessment, and treatment is grounded in an understanding of what has been shown to be effective.1,2,3,4,5

In this section of, you will find easy-to-read, practical, evidence-informed information for clinicians that identifies effective screening, assessment, and interventions for clients with gambling, gaming, and technology use problems. Each webpage in this section is based on a review of the pertinent research literature and was reviewed by an expert in the field of problem gambling, gaming, and technology use.

We are committed to continuous improvement so please give us your feedback and suggestions on this section of our website.