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Inventory of Gambling Situations

The Inventory of Gambling Situations, developed by researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, is a well-validated assessment and treatment planning tool that provides a systematic profile of the antecedents, or triggers, for a client's problematic gambling behaviour.

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Inventory of Gambling Situations


Key Concepts

​The Inventory of Gambling Situations is a 63-item self-report assessment questionnaire developed by researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This well-validated questionnaire asks clients with problem gambling or suspected gambling problems about their past-year gambling frequency in 63 different situations that may put them at risk. Its goal is to determine the risk of excessive gambling in each of these situations and identify the client’s profile of high-risk situations or triggers.​


Putting It Into Practice​

The Inventory of Gambling Situations is a tool that can assist you and your client in treatment planning and/or relapse prevention regardless of the treatme​nt modality being used. Clients can complete the questionnaire in about 20 minutes, either independently or together with you. The questionnaire is available in both a paper-based format and online. If clients do not feel comfortable completing the questionnaire online, they can complete the paper-based questionnaire and receive assistance with inputting the results.

Once input or completed online, a printable “client profile” results summary is generated that highlights the client’s risk level in 10 different types of high-risk situations (subscales) and suggests ways to address his or her top four triggers. The client’s areas of high risk are listed in descending order, ensuring the items of highest concern are readily evident and can be planned for accordingly. Results can then be revi​ewed collaboratively to develop a client-centred treatment and/or relapse prevention plan.

Learn more about the Inventory of Gambling Situations by reading the user's guide below, downloading a PDF copy of the questionnaire or accessing the online version below.​

​​Inventory of Gambling Situations

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​​Inventory of Gambling Situations: User’s Guide 2009

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The IGS app is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store for your mobile and tablet devices. Download it today!

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