Soul Crush Story is an interactive parody highlighting some of the negative impacts of online gaming.

Soul Crush Story utilizes familiar "Match-3" game-play. However, problems can result from playing any type of video game.

Now... do you have what it takes to succeed in the
ultimate matching challenge?

Google Chrome and a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher is required to play Soul Crush Story. Press F11 for full-screen.

Soul Crush Story was designed to be an engaging way to deliver health promotion messages related to video gaming. When the player tries to make a move in the game, an exaggerated “consequence” of the move takes place. The name ‘Soul Crush Story’ is deliberately dramatic to draw attention to potential negative impacts of video gaming. The game utilizes standard “hooks” that make people want to continue playing. The goals are to build the player’s awareness of some of the ways in which games manipulate behaviour, while encouraging an open conversation around the talking points provided in the facilitator’s manual.