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Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use
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Evidence brief on online gambling7/6/2021NewsRead the brief
Enroll in the Fundamentals of Gambling and Gaming course6/23/2021UpdateNew course
Ethnocultural Grant Call for Proposals 20212/22/2021UpdateUpdated page
NEW JGI editorial and articles2/22/2021NewsJGI Articles of Interest
Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Problem Gambling (MBRPPG) 2nd Edition 20212/4/2021UpdateNew document
GGTU 2021 Forum Agenda12/8/2020NewsNew page
COVID-19 and Gambling in Ontario7/8/2020UpdateIssue No. 44 of the JGI
Online Gambling During COVID-195/28/2020UpdateNew page
Problem Technology Use: An Introduction5/4/2020UpdateNew course
Problem Gambling Grant Opportunity3/12/2020NewsYou may be eligible for up to $15,000 funding to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate problem gambling awareness and/or counseling services for immigrants, refugees, and ethnocultural communities.
Adult Problem Gambling7/17/2019NewsNew Page
Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter5/30/2019Newsletter itemNow posted
Journal of Gambling Issues | Issue No. 41 Released5/22/2019NewsIssue No. 41 now available
Youth Problem Gambling5/22/2019NewsNew Page
Concurrent Disorders4/15/2019Newsletter itemContent Updated
Trauma-Informed Care4/12/2019UpdateNew Page
Gambling and Gaming Harms: Ontario Professional Development Forum 20193/31/2019NewsIn Toronto on May 9 & 10, 2019
Problem Gambling E-Therapy Study1/25/2019NewsThis research study is seeking participants to investigate online treatment services for problem gambling
Relapse Prevention1/16/2019NewsNew Page
Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change)1/16/2019NewsNew Page
Screening & Assessment1/16/2019UpdateContent Updated
Problem Shopping1/16/2019NewsNew Page
Mental Status Examination1/15/2019UpdateContent Updated
New Blog Post | Jan 20191/14/2019NewsThis blog discusses an upcoming course on mindfulness for problem gambling, gaming and technology use
New Blog Post | Mélissa Côté | Dec 201812/17/2018NewsThis blog looks at the coping strategies used by partners of people with problem gambling
Inventory of Gambling Situations12/14/2018UpdateContent Updated
Inventory of Gambling Situations mobile app10/24/2018NewsNew Inventory of Gambling Situations app for mobile phones and tablets available for download in Apple and Google Play Stores
Journal of Gambling Issues | Issue No. 39 Released10/24/2018NewsJournal of Gambling Issues just released its 39th issue, featuring a special section on gambling and older adult research
GGTU Fall 2018 Newsletter10/22/2018Newsletter itemGet the latest information from the fall 2018 edition of our newsletter
Mental Status Examination8/8/2018UpdateNew EIP page
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