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Northwestern Ontario Wellness (NOW)

About the Program

The Northwestern Ontario Wellness (NOW): Gambling Response Program was developed in 2016 following the news of a new casino to be opening in Kenora, ON. CAMH worked closely with community members and provincial partners to plan preparations for a new casino in the area. After a series of meetings, NOW was created with three goals:

  • to support health promotion and problem gambling prevention
  • to support service development and training in problem gambling treatment
  • to identify community priorities for both problem gambling prevention and treatment and to track community wellness–both before and after this gambling expansion in the area–using a repeated research survey approach.

About the NOW Wave 1

The first research survey, the NOW Program “Wave 1” survey or “Baseline” survey, was completed by over 800 adults in the Kenora/Rainy River Districts in 2017 and 2018. The survey results are summarized in NOW Wave 1 Final Report.pdf. Stay tuned for more Research Highlights with important take-home messages from this first survey!

Welcome to Wave 2!

The NOW Research Team would like to thank everyone who shared their experiences and opinions in the NOW Wave 1 Survey! We are reaching out to those who gave permission to complete a NOW Wave 2 Survey in the coming weeks and month. This second survey will update and expand our knowledge and to shape our next steps, in our rapidly changing environment. Thanks to all for your time and insights!

How can I learn more about NOW?

If you are interested in learning more about NOW: Gambling Response Program or would like to become involved, please contact: